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Real Time Detection

Cheat detection and categorizing of in game anomalies.

Operate & Control

Supervise your anti cheat's operations in detail.

Act on Facts

Flexible rules to manage cheaters. Ban, pardon, or innovate? You decide!

What is EQU8?

Extensive Anti-Cheat solution – quick and easy integration

EQU8 is a unique and innovative anti-cheat solution for online computer games, eSport and gaming portals developed by gamers with extensive computer security background. EQU8 strives to have minimal impact on the game, while still guaranteeing a cheat free environment. Rather than analyzing the gameplay, EQU8 capture suspicious behavior selectively on the players computer. An unusually good match in the game by an honest player will never get punished, however cheaters will. When designing a game, cheating is not the funniest topic to deal with. But it is an important shield for the game and it can even add an extra touch to the in-game experience based on the actions taken when cheaters are detected. Let us help out. Is EQU8 complicated to integrate? Not at all! Just sign up and get your instant control panel access. Follow the quick and easy downloadable step by step integration guide.


Focus on building the gaming experience

Lacking visibility of malicious activity imposes a serious erosion threat to the gaming experience, the community and related revenue. Each day the game is exposed is another window for cheaters to act. We protect the gaming experience and provide the tools to act on malicious cheating behavior.

EQU8 extends beyond in-house developed software solutions and replaces the need for dedicated anti-cheat resources. EQU8 provides detailed information for each cheat incident and protects the value of the game and its legitimate paying players. EQU8 gives unique insight into why people are cheating and enables you to act with intelligence and in real-time to protect and grow your player base.

You are in full control; punish or pardon behavior, use the information for evidence for legal regulations or innovate? You decide. We focus on protection while you do what you do best, building an amazing gaming experience.

  • Easy and quick integration. Sign up for a free account. Get instant access to your customized control panel and follow the step by step integration guide.
  • Pay as you grow. Risk free test and verification phase linked to a pay as you grow model when building your player base after launch.
  • Focus on what you enjoy. Develop and grow the game experience. Let EQU8 take care of cheaters and malicious behavior threats in your game.
  • Player privacy is protected. EQU8 doesn't collect any personal or private information.
  • Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We support you all the way in the process.


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